Find Fun places with Kids Maps

Kids Maps iPhone App helps you find fun places to bring your kids to. Whether its your nearest playground or playcenter, Kids Maps will help to get you there using a simple GPS map.

Keep checking your App and keep up to date with local events in your area for the kids.

Now you will never be stuck for something to do with the little ones. Download the App for free to see how it works.

Kids Maps will be available soon for on the Android.

And also as our App is very new don't forget to let us know if you want to add your business or your local playground to our App, or let us know about events near you. So together our App can grow.

Every week we will offer a Special Deal for the little ones or for the Mums and Dads. Keep checking to see the latest deals.

Why not email us from our iphone using our app from your playground or playcenter and we will pick up your GPS coordinates so we can list it on our App.

Current Specials


    Anti-Slip Pads for Car.

    Great place to put your

  • Mobile phones,
  • Coins,
  • MP3 or MP4 players,
  • CD boxes,
  • Glasses, etc etc
  • When driving. No residue left on the surface.
Earth Mother
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